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Help for Teachers

What is Siyavula's practice service?

Our practice service is an online tool for high school learners to practise maths and science, with:

  • questions that are tailored according to learners' individual ability, becoming more difficult as they improve;
  • immediate feedback on the questions learners tackle;
  • step-by-step explanations of every exercise;
  • a dashboard for each learner, so that they can set their own goals and track their progress; and
  • a teacher dashboard, so that you can track the progress of individual learners and your whole class.

Signing up your class

If you would like to use the practice service with your class, you need to register your school with us first. Once your school is registered, we'll set up an account for you and your colleagues, and send you your login details. We'll then create your classes, and help you link your learners' accounts to yours so that you can track their progress.

If you already have an account set up on the site let us know which email address or phone number you used when you signed up and we can upgrade your account to a teacher one once your class is set up.

You can contact us on info@siyavula.com for more information, or check our School Pricing page.

What the teacher dashboard gives you

While it's great for learners, the practice service is also a powerful diagnostic tool for teachers. On the teacher dashboard, you'll be able to see:

  • how many exercises each learner in a class has done;
  • how well your learners are mastering the concepts they're practising;
  • how quickly and effectively they're working; and
  • where your class is doing well, and what concepts they're struggling with.

Accessing and using your teacher dashboard

All your learners need to access Siyavula's practice service is a computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet - even a pre-smart phone will work.

However, at this time your teacher dashboard is only accessible from a computer.

If you are reading this guide your currently viewing the mobi version of our site and would need to switch to viewing the main site in order to access your teacher dashboard. Simply visit siyavula.com from a computer.

To find out more about how to use your teacher dashboard you can read the teacher's guide on the main site.